Block devices cannot be directly manipulated using intrinsic or extrinsic methods of CIM_StorageExtent or LMI_VGStoragePool. Please use appropriate ConfigurationService to create, modify or delete devices or volume groups.

lmishell setup

All examples in this documentation are written for lmishell. The examples assume that connection and ns variables were initialized in this way:

# Connect to the remote system
connection = connect("", "root", "opensesame")

# Use 'ns' (NameSpace) as reference (shortcut) to 'connection.root.cimv2'
# to save some typing
ns = connection.root.cimv2

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Previous releases allowed to use DeleteInstance intrinsic method to delete various CIM_StorageExtents. This method is now deprecated and will be removed from future releases of OpenLMI-Storage. The reason is that DeleteInstance cannot be asynchronous and could block the whole provider for a long time.